Hannibal Fire Co.
Training Schedule
Hannibal Fire Drills
Training will begin at  7:30pm each week unless
otherwise noted. Training consistently varies from lectures,
classroom instruction to hands-on applications. Members
are encouraged to attend training for the purpose of
betterment of skills and to become comfortable with the
tasks of our company.
Winter 2017 Training Schedule  

January 5th - CO Emergencies SOG/Detector Review
January 12th - New SOG Roll Out (SOG's 1-4) Emmons Jr.
January 19th - New SOG Roll Out (SOG's 5-9) Emmons Jr.
January 26th - OFPC Suspicious Activity Reporting OSWEGO TOWN 6pm
February 2nd - Extrication Tool/Cribbing Review Emmons Jr.
February 9th - JEROME FIRE Extrication Training by Tony McIntyre 6pm
February 16th - Village Pre Plan Table Top Exercise Emmons Jr.
February 23rd - Kim's Village Cafe Pre Plan / Walk Through (Officers)
March 2nd - Community Bank / Tavern / Village Pizzeria Pre Plans (Officers)
March 9th - Gear Inspection / Donning and Doffing Drills Emmons Jr.
March 16th - TOPS Pre Plan / Walk Through Emmons Jr.
March 23rd - OSHA Lock Out / Tag Out Mandatory Training (Clark)
March 30th - SCBA Training Emmons Jr.

Note: Training is subject to change due to officer discretion. Training will
begin @ 7:30 unless stated above. Iam Responding Messages to remind
members of training will take place 24 hours prior to training. Any training
questions or concerns please contact Asst. Chief Carl Emmons Jr. (Training
Liaison). Any questions or concerns giving to another officer will be directed
to Asst. Chief Emmons.