The life of a Volunteer FireFighter is something
That most Americans will never understand
To them we are represented by bingos and carnivals
Just another typical small town.

Volunteer firefighters start with a willing heart
Giving their dedication and time to you.
The reasons that they state for serving their towns
Vary from helping their residents to just something to do.

Does it really matter why they volunteer
When you place that call for help?
The last thing you will think of is why they serve.
Your heart was warmed by their dedication you felt.

Yes, volunteering does involve fund raising and other things.
All required to help their companies survive.
But we must never fail to remember that
These dedicated individuals have their own family lives.

Most people never consider the loved ones left behind
Or the family meals that were never even tasted.
When that emergency call comes over the air
It's time to respond, precious seconds cannot be wasted.

The volunteers rush from their warm homes and family love
Saying "I have to go" to children, husbands and wives.
For some those are last words spoken at home
Trying to help you, they have given their lives.

No monuments, memorials, or memories of old
Can ever bring those fallen hero's back to life.
So look around and thank each member of the volunteer team.
Tell them you appreciate them, tell them tonight.

Please never forget the countless dedicated volunteers,
Those you will call in case of fire or a fall.
Caring neighbors and friends that you've never met
Stand ready to answer the call.

Copyright© Keith E. Reese11/6/93